Gender Related Articles from Major Newspapers (Dec 31, 2018 – Jan 6, 2019) & Gender Related Latest Journal Articles


Violence against Women

The Tribune  -  January 5, 2019

·         Laws alone can’t check crimes against women,  By – Rajesh Gill


The Indian Express  -  January 6, 2019

·         More rape cases solved in 2018 than previous year,  By – Mahender Singh Manral & Somya Lakhani

Sexual Harassment

The Hindu Business Line  -  January 6, 2019

·         #MeToo is everybody’s business,  By – Shriya Mohan

The Indian Express  -  January 5,  2019

·         Time to move beyond naming and shaming : Editors on #MeToo

The Hindu Business Line  - January 5, 2019

·         Rage uninterrupted,  By – Rihan Najib

The Indian Express  -  January 2, 2019

·         Her Blind Spots,  BY – Pamela Philipose

The Indian Express  -  January 1, 2019

·         Stories beyond MeToo,  By – Tavleen Singh

Times of India  -  December 31, 2018

·         More workplace harassment plaints from public sector,  By – Chetan Kumar

Times of India  -  December 31, 2018

·         Deepening #MeToo : Once More, #ItsShe, too,  By – Sucheta Dasgupta

Sex Ratio

The Quint  -  January 5, 2019

·         Improving sex ratio at birth visible in 104 districts : Government

Times of India  -  January 4, 2019

·         Beti Bachao Beti Pathao – A Critical Review of Implementation,  By – Mitali Nikore

Times of India  -  January 1, 2019

·         Nagpur’s sex ratio at birth gets slightly better,  By – Anjaya Anparthi

Gender and Bill

Surrogacy  & Bill

The Hindu Business Line  -  January 5, 2019

·         Regulate surrogacy by all means, but in the right manner,  By – Dr. Nayana Patel

Triple Talaq Bill

The Hindu  -  January 4, 2019

·         A Case of Unprincipled Criminalisation,  By – Kaleeswaram Raj

Gender and Law

Times Now  -  January 3, 2019

·         Consensual sex of live-in partners not rape if man doesn’t marry, rules SC : How India’s rape laws have evolved

Times of India  -  January 2, 2019

·         Are extra-marital affairs legal in India?

Personal Law

The Wire  -  January 9, 2019

·         On Triple Talaq : Patriarchy is Not Just ‘Women’s Issues’, Marriage Is No Holy Now,  By – Ghazala Jamil

Times of India  -  January 2, 2019

·         Triple Talaq : AIMPLB’s women’s wing urges RS to send bill to select panel,  By – Yusra Husain

The Pioneer  -  December 31, 2018

·         Landmarks that make personal laws more benevolent,  By – S. Jyotiranjan

Gender and Justice

The Hindu Business Line  -  January 1, 2019

·         Judiciary took tough stand in fight for gender justice in 2018

Maternity Benefit

Financial Express  -  January 4, 2019

·         Maternity Benefit Act still left with gaps : Female labour force participation slumps further,  By – Rituparna Chakraborty

Maternal Death

Times of India  -  December 31, 2018

·         Karnataka sees 50% dip in maternal deaths in 3 years

Gender Equality

Live Mint  -  January 4, 2019

·         What you wanted is not what I need : the divide between generations of women,  By – Anuradha Das Mathur

Child Abuse

The Hindu  -  January 5, 2019

·         Left out, abused : on the state of child care institutions

The Indian Express  -  January 3,  2019

·         Guilty till proved innocent,  By – Arundhati Katju

Business Standard  -  December 31, 2018

·         Cabinet clears changes in POSCO Act, death penalty clause for child abuse

Child Trafficking

Tribune India  -  January 6, 2019

·         Child Trafficking in Haryana

Informal Workers

Financial Express  -  January 6, 2019

·         India does not need 12 million jobs a year, but less than 5 million,  By – Surjit S.Bhalla

The Hindu Business Line  -  January 4, 2019

·         A skewed approach to labour issues,  By – KR Shyam Sundar

Daily News & Analysis  -  January 4, 2019

·         A roadmap : How to get women back into the labour force,  By – Lakshmi Lingam

The Indian Express  -  December 31, 2018

·         Polls ahead, Govt works to fix pensions and floor wages in informal sector,  By – Amitav Ranjan


The Hindu  -  January 6, 2019

·         MGNREGA scheme faces fund shortage

Times of India  -  January 4, 2019

·         Need to increase labour budget from 22 crore mandays under NREGA : Pilot


Economic and Political Weekly  - Vol.54, No.1, January 5, 2019 [Full Article downloadable]

·         Speaking of Abuse : The Pyramid of Reporting Domestic Violence in India,  Written by – Suraj Jacob & Sreeparna Chattopadhyay


In India, most women who experience domestic violence do not share their experience with anybody or seek help. Among those who do, a “pyramid of reporting” exists. Informal sources (natal family and friends) are favoured; very few report violence via institutional routes (non-governmental organisations and police). The conditions under which incidents of domestic violence are reported, and/or help is sought through different routes—along with the reasons why such conditions often do not occur—are highlighted using large-scale secondary survey data and primary ethnographic data. The findings have implications for mitigating domestic violence through institutional routes.

Economic and Political Weekly  -  Vol.54, No.1, January 5, 2019 [Full Article downloadable]

·         Securing Transgender Rights through Capability Development,  Written by – Mousumi Padhi & Purnima Anjali Mohanty

Economic and Political Weekly  -  Vol.54, No.1, January 5, 2019 [Full Article downloadable]

·         NDA’s Idea of Gender Justice

It will be a mistake to hastily endorse the government’s move to pass the Triple Talaq Bill.

Economic and Political Weekly  -  Vol.54, No.1, January 5, 2019 [Full Article downloadable]

·         Right of Women to Worship,  Written by – Mridul Eapen

Down to Earth  -  January 4, 2019 [Full Article downloadable]

·         Renew Political Commitment for MGNREGA, MPs write to PM

Feminism & Psychology  -  Vol.28, Issue No.4, November, 2018 [Full Article downloadable]

·         Disgust, stigma, and the politics of abortion,  Written by – Anuradha Kumar


Despite the growing body of research on the emotion of disgust – including its relationship to political ideology, moral judgment, matters of sex and sexuality, and death – the global reproductive rights movement has paid relatively little attention to the role disgust plays in the debate over abortion. By focusing on the right of a woman to make her own decision about an unwanted pregnancy, the pro-choice community has allowed anti-choice groups to define and frame the abortion procedure, abortion providers, and women who have abortions in terms associated with disgust. This commentary encourages further examination of what triggers disgust, its measurement, and ways of mitigating it, which could be useful for reducing abortion stigma, in future legal cases and in abortion research, advocacy, and communications

Some Recent Publications – Related to Gender

ILO Report 2018

·         Women and Men in the Informal Economy : A Statistical Picture

ICRW Report – November, 2018

·         Exploring Male Engagement in Premarital Abortion [Perceptions and Lived Experiences of Young Women and Men in New Delhi, India],  Written by – Sapna Kedia and,


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