Gender Related Articles from Major Newspapers (Nov 19 – Nov 25,  2018) & Gender Related Latest Journal Articles


Violence against Women

The Indian Express  -  November 25, 2018

·         Voice for special law against ‘honour’ killing grows louder,  By – Nirupama Viswanathan

Times of India  -  November 25, 2018

·         PIL against poor action on domestic violence

The Indian Express  -  November 22, 2018

·         Gender Violence your Problem Too,  By – Swarna Rajagopalan

The Indian Express  -  November 20, 2018

·         Sexual Violence is Public Health Problem : Researcher

Caste Violence

The Indian Express  -  November 22, 2018

·         Brahminical Patriarchy post row : ‘Faux outrage to distract, deflect and deny…no one is buying this act,  By – Shalini Nair

Sexual Harassment

The Economic Times  -  November 23, 2018

·         Online portal to report sexual harassment at workplace linked to all central, state ministries : WCD

Scroll.In  -  November 20, 2018

·         #MeToo : How should Indian firms deal with sexual harassment complaints from a Worker’s Previous Job?,  By – Aarefa Johari

Sex Ratio

The Print  -  November 24, 2018

·         Rajasthan district’s with worst child sex ratio are improving – one step at a time,  By – Moushumi Das Gupta

Gender Bias

The Indian Express  -  November 19, 2018

·         NCW wants separate law to address gender bias at workplace,  By – Shalini Nair

Gender Justice

The Hindu  -  November 21, 2018

·         Parents cannot interfere in lives of married couple : HC

The Indian Express  -  November 19, 2018

·         Gender of Justice [Gender sensitization of the judiciary and appointing more female judges is imperative],  By – G.S.Bajpai & Raghav Mendiratta

Women Power

Feminism in India  -  November 19, 2018

·         India Needs More Women in Parliament and Here’s Why

Transgender Rights

The Indian Express  -  November 22, 2018

·         List steps taken to protect transgender persons : Hyderabad HC

Firstpost  -  November 20, 2018

·         Transgender individuals demand safer, gender-neutral bathrooms in India post-Section 377 verdict,  By – Anvisha Manral

Maternity Benefits/ Paternity Leave

Hindustan Times  -  November 20, 2018

·         Maternity should be a memorable experience,  By – Aparajita Gogoi

Hindustan Times  -  November 20, 2018

·         On International Men’s Day, Why it’s important that men get paternity leave

Maternal Care

Daily News and Analysis  -  November 25, 2018

·         25% of new mothers did not receive postnatal care in Rajasthan : NFHS Survey

Child Abuse

Times of India  -  November 20, 2018

·         Areas with high child abuse to be mapped

The Statesman  -  November 19, 2018

·         Court and the Child

Child Marriage

Daily Pioneer   -  November 20, 2018

·         Child Marriage rate 21.3% in State


The Hindu – November 20, 2018

·         Literacy levels in rural India suffer due to migration, finds UNESCO study,  By – Vikas Pathak

Times of India  -  November 20, 2018

·         40% of kids from migrant families don’t go to school,  By – Manash Pratim gohain

Inclusive Education

The Pioneer  -  November 19, 2018

·         Inclusive Education for Whole of India,  By – Uma Tuli & Sudhansh Malhotra

Informal Workers

Business Today  -  November 24, 2018

·         The ironical rise of informal work in India,  By – Sonal Khetarpal

Financial Express  -  November 23, 2018

·         Don’t use EPFO data as a proxy for jobs creation – Here is why

Livemint  -  November 23, 2018

·         Govt may report jobs growth data across all sectors by early 2019,  By – Prashant K.Nanda

The Indian Express  -  November 22, 2018

·         New Labour for new India,  By – Gopal Krishna Agarwal


Economic and Political Weekly  -  Vol.53,  Issue No.46, November 24, 2018

·         Ayushman Bharat – Long Live Private Healthcare

The Ayushman Bharat—National Health Protection Mission’s sustainability is questionable.

Gender and Education  -  Vol.30, Issue No.8, 2018

·         School toilets : queer, disabled bodies and gendered lessons of embodiment,  By – Jenny Slatter,  Charlotte  Jones & Lisa Procter


In this paper we argue that school toilets function as one civilising site [Elias, 1978. The Civilising Process. Oxford: Blackwell] in which children learn that disabled and queer bodies are out of place. This paper is the first to offer queer and crip perspectives on school toilets. The small body of existing school toilet literature generally works from a normative position which implicitly perpetuates dominant and oppressive ideals. We draw on data from Around the Toilet, a collaborative research project with queer, trans and disabled people ( to critically interrogate this work.

Gender and Education  -  Vol.30, Issue No.6, 2018

·         Transgender and gender expansive education research, policy and practice : reflecting on epistemological and ontological possibilities of bodily becoming,  By – Wayne Martino & Wendy Cumming-Potvin

Gender, Work and Organization  -  Vol.25, No.5, 2018

·         An intersectional perspective on Muslim Women’s issues and experiences in employment,  By – Memoona Tariq & Jawad Syed


Drawing on a qualitative study of secondgeneration Pakistani heritage Muslim women in employment in the UK, this article uses and develops an intersectional perspective to explain the interconnected and overlapping factors, such as gender, ethnicity and religion that affect these women at work. It also considers individual strategies and resources these women use to address any obstacles in the way of their employment and careers. The article uses the notions of inequality regimes and intersectionality to explain inequality in the workplace and the complex challenges facing Muslim female employees. 

Indian Journal of Labour Economics  -  Vol.61, No.2, June, 2018

·         Technological Change, Skill Supply and Wage Distribution : Comparision of High-Technology and Low-Technology Industries in India,  By – Hansa Jain


The technological inflows on the one hand and the increase in skill supply on the other have influenced not only the production structure of Indian manufacturing industries, but also the distribution of wages among the skilled and unskilled workers. The present study examines the wage disparity scenario in high-technology and low-technology industries in India. With the help of industry-level panel data from 2000–2001 to 2015–2016, the study finds the important role of skill intensity in determining wage disparity between and within the groups of skilled and unskilled workers. Skill has greater concentration in high-technology industries.

Some Recent Publications – Related to Gender

UNESCO Publication,  2019

·         Global Education Monitoring Report 2019  - Migration, Displacement and Education : Building Bridges, Not Walls

World Bank Publication 2019

·         World Development Report 2019 – The Changing Nature of Work


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